We have been Hunting, Raising and Breeding Jagdterriers since November 1993 at Knite Hunt Kennel. Jagdterriers are our favorite breed and about the only hunting breed we have at  Jones Knite Hunt Kennel. We started breeding our Jagdterriers how we wanted them in temperament, handling, working and hunting ability back in 1996. We wanted a Jagdterrier that hunted with us, not one that we had to hunt for. We do a selective breeding to what we are wanting. By doing this it has not taken any drive or hunt out of our Jagdterriers. It has brought them back to how they where originated as. A dog with a set of brains between the ears, one that will bay and fight the game when needed. They can be great around the house and yard and when taken hunting they light switch turns on. This is they way we like our Jagdterriers, not the way everyone like their Jagdterriers. This is our personal preference.

Before we moved to Alaska we lived in northern California. Redding, Big Bend and Pondosa are our old stomping grounds. We had Hounds back then, black and tans, blueticks and treeing walkers. Bobcat, Bear and Coon was the game hunted. Later on as the website grows we will have pictures of some of the past dogs, Alaska and Jones' Farm.

We have always liked good handling dogs. The breeds of dogs we have are good handling and do what they are bred to do "Hunt". 

When you visit Jones Knite Hunt Kennel you will meet Jagdterriers out of many different lines. We have lines that go back to our first Russia Jagdterriers we got from Yuri Rulin years ago, a pair that are Hungry lines, some out of Canada and Germany and our favorit are the lines that have been bred here in the good old USA for generations.

To:53 Squire Ln
Tunas, MO 65764
Number and Street:
Our names are Jack and Sharon Jones. We moved from Wasilla Alaska to Tunas Missouri in January 1993 on to our small farm. It was like moving from the freezer to the frying pan for us.
Our address is:
53 Squire Ln.
Tunas, Missouri 65764
Phone (417) 752-3601

Our kennel/farm is located on Hwy 73 south of Tunas Missouri. We are 12 miles North on Hwy 73 from Buffalo Missouri or 9 miles South of Hwy 54/73 Junction on Hwy 73. We have a half mile driveway so if you stop in don't worry you aren't lost when you get on our driveway. Drive slow as most times we have rabbits, squirrels, deer and quail in the driveway.