If you love Terriers you will really love the Jagdterrier. The Jagdterrier is different than any other terrier you will ever own. They love to please their master and have the drive to hunt any type of game. These dogs have a big heart and a very big dog in a little package.

Not all Jagdterriers are the same.  You have the smooth, broken and rough coats. Some have whiskers while others don't. Some are short, some are tall and some in-between. Some are easy to handle and control while others are bouncing off the walls and hard to control. You never owned a dog until you have owned a Jagdterrier. If you like terriers you will love a Jagdterrier. The Jagdterrier isn't for everyone. They are not a house dog that has no purpose in life, they are a hunting and working dog. They are not happy living in a city with no room to roam. Jagdterriers need a job to keep them happy. If you just want a lap/house dog don't get a Jagdterrier.
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We breed our Jagdterrier a little differently than others. We like a nice handling dog, good with family, children and other dogs and good in the house. These dogs have one of the best noses you will find. They make great family/bloodtracking dogs. They can be content in the house and yard and when taken out to work on track or vermin hunt they totally change. They go from this nice easy going dog to a total hunt crazy dog. Some of ours make pretty good tree dogs and in a litter you never know what one will be better on tree than the others. If you want a dog for squirrel hunting only get a Feist, not a Jagdterrier. They are not like a hound, so don't treat them or hunt them like a hound or try to make them a hound. This breed is a terrier breed, not a cur, feist or hound breed. They are an all round hunting and tracking breed. 

Knite Hunt Kennel is a closed kennel, meaning no other dogs are allowed in for breeding. By doing this we keep our Jagdterriers breed pure. Keeping them bred right. All our Jagdterriers are registered in Jagdterrier Registry of America. The only registry keeping the Jagdterrier true to it's breeding, preserving the hunting and working Jagdterrier.

The Jagdterrier is very easy to train, they want to please. You can train them for bloodtrailing, flush and retrieve dogs on fowl, search and rescue work, narcotic/drug work, they are excellent hog hogs, coon dogs and are great for all types of game.

You never let these dogs run loose, they learn to hunt for their selves and not you. You keep them contained in a yard, kennel or on a chain. Many dogs have been ruined by letting them run and that goes for any breed of dog.

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