Introducing theĀ 

In the 60's Jack Jones started making the Leather Non-Slip dog collars. He bear hunted back then and needed a good collar for hooking up the dogs in the dark when they got a bear treed. He started designing up a good working collar that would last for years. The big O-Ring can be found easy in the dark. Other collars cut or hurt the dogs neck. This is the only collar Jack uses on all his dogs. The dogs can not slip out of these collars when hooked to a snap properly.

Hand made 3/4" collars with 9-10 oz Black Harness Leather,
Copper Rivets, Heavy Duty O-Rings and Buckles.
Built to last for years come.

ONLY $15.00 each OR $12.00 each on 2 or more.
Name plates not included
(includes shipping and handling in USA)

To Order: State Neck Size of dog OR length of collar when ordering. Allow 2-4 weeks on orders

Mail orders to:
Jones Leather
53 Squire Ln.
Tunas, MO 65764
(417) 752-3601